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Rivers in Jammu and Kashmir

Although houseboats & shikaras come to mind when thinking about Kashmir, both are seen on the Dal lake. This pristine hilly states boasts of over a dozen rivers, including Asia’s largest Fresh Water lake, the Wular lake.

Rivers and more Rivers
Which other state you know has so many? Do these are over a dozen, or more, or less?

    1. Chenab
    2. Doda
    3. Dras
    4. Indus
    5. Jhelum
    6. Markha
    7. Neelum
    8. Nubra
    9. Ravi
    10. Shingo
    11. Shyok
    12. Suru (Indus)
    13. Tawi
    14. Tsarap
    15. Yapola
    16. Zanskar

Some Salient Features

Jhelum: The Most Travelled and Proud River
The river Jhelum travels all over the state before merging with the Indus. Jhelum is proud to have nine bridges built over it. Also to boast is the presence of Mangla Dam, Rasul & Trimmu barrage that are built on it.

White Water Rafting
Originating at Tibet and flows over 3000 kilometers, is famous for its White Water Rafting expeditions.

Shaking hands with Pakistan
The Ravi River enters Pakistan from north-western part of India and travels more than 700 kilometers.



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